Today´s Happyment: We need to press the buzzer before we know the answer.


He have all seen those TV shows, where to people stand in front of each other they ask them a question and the first to press the buzzer gets to say the answer.

It got me thinking, it´s how I´ve lived my life lately. Buzzing first, even if I don´t know the answer. But when you buzz the answer ,the solutions just comes. I regret more not buzzing than buzzing and having the wrong answer.

Because is the buzzing that makes you work better, that buzzing helps you dig deeper, that buzzing inspires you.

No musician is sure about their album being a hit, no entrepreneur is sure about their project, no parent know about every decision they make is going to be the correct one.

The habit is simple: buzz first, buzz when you are confident that you´ve got a shot. Buzz, buzz, buzz. The art of buzzing leads to leaping, and leaping leads to great work. NEVER THE OTHER WAY AROUND.




Today I am in a place I had never been before doing things I have never done before in a life situation I had never been before. It go me thinking if I was taking the right path.

Definitely: I am in an unknowable path.

An unknowabe path might be the right one. The fact that your path is unknowable may be precisely why it´s the right path.

The well known paths where already taken by to many, walked and tried by many people, there is a little magic in those ones.

But if you are willing to create magic , you no longer have to follow. Yo have to create new and unknowable paths.


What about if I don´t want the dots conected. Nowadays is all about connecting the dots. What about if I don´t want to connect them.

People have been connecting dots the way they think they had to be connected , what about if I want to start breaking paradigms, routines, procedures and the some ways things are being done.

What about if I want to try new paths , new methods and new systems. What about if I disconect the dots and try something new.

That sounds rebel, but I am willing to try.

Don´t be an asshole.


I have not written for a while, and by a while I mean years.

But I had a happyment that kept me awake until 5 am. This do not  happened very often , but it did.

I didn´t know what to do, so I decided to write it down:

I learned 2 things yesterday that changed my life. Well they were 3 things actually:

1. The number one skill you need to have in order to build your own business is: Don´t be an asshole.

2. ¨ Purpose over product, product over profits.¨ It´s a hard one right? Purpose? Really? This has been my motto this whole time. Really focusing on the meaning and purpose of business, product or service.

3. Why am I opening a business? Why? So write that down, and every time you have doubts, read it. So it has to be something strong and powerful in order that when you fail, you have strength to stand up again.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: the best way of doing things is…doing them.

The best way to learn marketing is: doing it. The best way of learning how to play tennis is: playing it. The best way of learning is: trying. There is no science when it comes to making your dreams come true, from my point of view; just get out there and DO THEM.

Stop complaining, avoid your comfort zone, change what you can, take risks, fail, make hard decisions, believe in your destiny, fight for your beliefs, do crazy stuff, sleep tired, eat, do anything you want! The only thing that is prohibited is NOT doing anything at all.

My happyment today is: I am doing everything it comes to make my dreams come true, it’s not easy, but still I am doing something.


I don’t know if it’s a good feeling a bad feeling or a feeling at all.

High expectations and big dreams, paralyzes you, makes you feel scared of not being able to make them come true. Well I am scared, the race is long, the expectations are high and my dreams are big.

But as I once read: If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: Watching your dreams come true


We all have BIG dreams, which take a long time to come true,because they are big and we are meant to live our whole life to watch them come true.

But we also have small ones, the ones we wake up every morning dreaming about. Don’t confuse them with tasks or goals; they are dreams, but smaller ones.

Watching them come true gives you strength to pursue the big ones.

DREAM everyday but be aware not to be busy enough to be able to watch them come true.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: I woke up and I was 40…

I was having lunch with a friend, and the conclusion was: You don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you are 40 years old.

We live every day so quickly, its Monday when you wake up and Sunday when you go back to sleep. We live life around our passions our dreams, but our everyday acts are only a routine. We get things done to complete our job, but are we following a path or just staying in the same place. Are we making our everyday actions to complete our mission, our dream or are we just living to fast to stay on the same place?


I woke up and discovered I was surrounded by quotes, I have a painting in my room saying: “You are lovely”, I turned on the T.V and the news started with a happiness quote, I got to my office quickly checked my Facebook updates; when suddenly I discovered that almost everyone was posting pictures or quotes about happiness. I am not sure if it’s a Friday mood or just a trend.

People want to be happy, people are dying to tell the world how happy they are or how happy they want to be. I discovered that people are so busy looking for happiness in morning quotes, in pictures hanging in their rooms, in quotes posted in Facebook, in graduation speeches where you cannot miss the final phrase saying: And remember find what makes you happy.

STOP! Maybe finding that quote made you happy, maybe you’ve been very busy trying to be happy all day that is not letting you realize that it’s just: One lesson learned, one finished meeting, a stranger on the street, a project solved, waking up, a phone call, a song or just a single little detail that really makes you happy every day, not necessary all day.


It sounds like  a simple question: Why?

Today is mother’s day and it got me thinking how many times I asked my mom this question and how many times the answer was: Because I said so.

Have we forgotten the power of this question. Are we scared of questioning our lifestyle? our decisions? our projects? our goals ? our dreams?

But now I’ve learned, failed, tried , succeed and the question now is different: Why not?