I woke up and discovered I was surrounded by quotes, I have a painting in my room saying: “You are lovely”, I turned on the T.V and the news started with a happiness quote, I got to my office quickly checked my Facebook updates; when suddenly I discovered that almost everyone was posting pictures or quotes about happiness. I am not sure if it’s a Friday mood or just a trend.

People want to be happy, people are dying to tell the world how happy they are or how happy they want to be. I discovered that people are so busy looking for happiness in morning quotes, in pictures hanging in their rooms, in quotes posted in Facebook, in graduation speeches where you cannot miss the final phrase saying: And remember find what makes you happy.

STOP! Maybe finding that quote made you happy, maybe you’ve been very busy trying to be happy all day that is not letting you realize that it’s just: One lesson learned, one finished meeting, a stranger on the street, a project solved, waking up, a phone call, a song or just a single little detail that really makes you happy every day, not necessary all day.


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