Today´s Happyment: We need to press the buzzer before we know the answer.


He have all seen those TV shows, where to people stand in front of each other they ask them a question and the first to press the buzzer gets to say the answer.

It got me thinking, it´s how I´ve lived my life lately. Buzzing first, even if I don´t know the answer. But when you buzz the answer ,the solutions just comes. I regret more not buzzing than buzzing and having the wrong answer.

Because is the buzzing that makes you work better, that buzzing helps you dig deeper, that buzzing inspires you.

No musician is sure about their album being a hit, no entrepreneur is sure about their project, no parent know about every decision they make is going to be the correct one.

The habit is simple: buzz first, buzz when you are confident that you´ve got a shot. Buzz, buzz, buzz. The art of buzzing leads to leaping, and leaping leads to great work. NEVER THE OTHER WAY AROUND.


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