That was definitely my happyment today: tiredness.

That means I’ve done many things, good or bad, but done many. When we feel tired we tend to complain and get angry at silly things. Instead of taking a break and discover how many things, projects, ideas, presentation, parties and meetings we’ve done.

That tiredness has to come with some kind of satisfaction, that simple smile that comes to your face when you are exhausted.

Otherwise how our dreams are supposed to come true if we don’t work as hard as we can, until we feel tired. Not tired of trying, but tired of working in making them true. That satisfaction is endless and I am going to keep on working and sleeping tired until they become true.


TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: We have to stand out in SOMETHING.

We have to stand out in something, whatever that is.

Some people think they are not talented or good enough. But we all know deep in our heart that we have a talent, because we all do, that talent can be; being good in making friends, being always on time, having a nice voice, having the power of leading or obeying, dressing good, being good in excel or not, or just the fact of being a good person, but there has to be something.

Then after identifying it, you have to work on it, stand out. We try to be good in everything or develop talents. But we were all born with one, just stand out with it, otherwise you will pass unnoticed, and nobody wants to be unnoticed.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: We have to hate Mondays.

We are tired; we want to sleep more and don’t have to come to work. We have to hate Mondays, because they are not Sundays.

Everybody hate Mondays and it’s  Monday and it got me thinking; Mondays don’t have the fault of anything, they are just there to remind you what you love, remind you about your projects and force you to make them true. But, if Mondays are there to get you to another day of work, another meeting or just to survive another week.

Then it’s not Mondays you hate, it is your life style.

My HAPPYMENT today is that, I discovered what I love and Mondays are not going to ruin it.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: All pieces most come together perfectly.

I finished on the phone with one conclusion on my head: “Detailing”

It is a word that engineers use when pieces ensemble perfectly. But at the end that is life we have to find all around the world the pieces and figure out the way to fit them perfectly, in order to make your dreams come true.

There are no excuses any more, just get out there and start solidifying your dreams, because tomorrow is to late.

Find the pieces, the partners, the friends, the ideas, the material and everything else you need to concrete that one thing that draws a smile in your face everytime you think about it.

Because at the end. We are alone, but we don’t have to do it alone.

TODAY’S HAPPYMENT: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I have not posted anything for a while. It got me thinking was I busy enough  for not taking 5 minutes a day to identify what is making me happy.

Lately I been dreaming of changing the world, it sounds crazy but it has kept me happy for the last month. Yes, I stop and tell myself I am crazy for thinking that, sometimes I get scared of not being able to accomplish it, am I crazy to believe I can actually change the world?

Why don’t I settle in creating a small business, working in a company and earning enough money? Why do some people have the need to change the world to accomplish their dream and won’t stop until they do.

If you are one of them, you are not alone, as I do feel sometimes. If you want to change the world, right now step out of your comfort zone and do it.


We have everyday goals, we succeed, we fail, we get new haircuts, new projects, we loose weight, we become prettier or uglier, we get a new job and we might even be the most successful person in the world. But then, who cares?

We need to make someone care, we are too many persons in this world and our everyday actions cannot go unnoticed. So my happyment today was reflecting an indentifying the people who care and how I am going to make that number of people increase.

We need to make people care about what we are doing, but in order for them to care we have to care about them first. We have to do our everyday actions a masterpiece, so we don’t pass unnoticed and people will start caring, this way we’ll leave trace.

Today’s HAPPYMENT: We have to declare something


Life is simple, you have an idea, the idea becomes a project, it takes days to plan the project, you execute the project and you get a result. The result can be good or bad, but you get one. Suddenly the cycle starts all over again.

But it doesn’t have to end there, after we finish a project we have to declare something: A failure or a victory, but we have to declare one of them. There is no point in between.

If you are unable to declare, then you’re going to slog, and instead of starting new projects based on what you’ve learned, you’ll merely end up trapped. I’m not suggesting that you flit. A project might last a decade or a generation, but if it is to be a project, it must have an end.

HAPPYMENTS: If it’s worth it, is not going to be easy.

Pain is part of the process.

Pain of leaving the ones you love, pain of a lousy co-worker, pain of insufficient cash, pain of the wrong body, pain of a mistake or poor feedback. Pain is part of your everyday life.

Today I discover we have two options: Make pain part of our life or identify what causes you pain and change it.

Making pain part of your life is the easiest way to live, not pretending is there. It will hurt you everyday but you can deal with it. I am not saying this option is wrong but it’s going to hurt you.

The other option we’ve got is: Identify what causes you the pain and make everyday an effort to change it, is a hard way of living, but who wants pain anyway? So MY HAPPYMENT Today: I identify my pain and I will do everything to change it.

Today’s HAPPYMENT: Are you ready?

 That is a hard question: Are you ready?

Are you ready for what? So, today while you read this you might think I am crazy, but discovering this was my happyment today.

Are you ready to have your heart broken? Are you ready to be fired? Are you ready to be criticized and envied by many? Are you ready for big responsibilities? Are you ready to stop caring what others think? Are you ready to do something risky that you’re afraid of?

We will never be ready; until we stop thinking that we are not ready. Yes, we are ready to live and this implies all this stuff. So we need to start living life as it is, because we are ready.

Today’s HAPPYMENT: You

I heard once that the only thing a woman wants is: To be heard or in this case read.

So YOU, the one that reads my blog, comments, follow me or even just visit by mistake.

YOU my friends are my happyment for today, because happy people make people happy.

THANK YOU and Please keep identifying your happyments!